Different Bathroom Grab Bars To Consider

12 July 2021
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Grab bars in bathrooms save lives each year. Seniors are among those who benefit from the strategic placement of bathroom grab bars, and many avoid injury as a result.

Are you trying to figure out which grab bar is ideal in your home? These are some of the bars available as well as the different benefits of each.

Straight Wall Mounted Grab Bars

Straight mount bars are among the most popular bathroom grab bars. These bars are useful in several locations around the room, including in the shower or tub and next to the toilet. These bars are often long and provide extra assistance for those who need support while stepping in and out of the tub or while sitting on the toilet.

These types of bars come in different positions. For instance, a horizontal bar allows for movement in and out of a tub, whereas a vertical bar is great for gripping while sitting and standing.

U-Shaped Bars

Some bars are like U-shaped loops that attach to a post or the wall, providing support on one or both sides of a toilet. This provides support for sitting and standing carefully. This bar is beneficial because it allows the user to sit or stand slowly, easing back down into the seated position.

Side Grab Bars

Showers also often have bars on the side near the showerhead or faucet. This is very useful because it allows somebody to wheel into the shower area and stand once they are near the water. They can hold the bar during the shower if necessary too. Many of these bars can be adjusted for the height of the user. You can also customize the placement based on your loved one's needs.

Shower Shelf Bars

Some bars are built to go around shelves. You can attach these in the shower, making it easier for the user to grab the bar as they reach for something to use in the shower. They can keep one hand on the bar and one on the shower product to prevent a slip and fall incident.

Install Elderly Bathroom Grab Bars Today

Do you want grab bars that are safe and effective? Find elderly bathroom grab bars that work best in your home today to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe in each room of the home. Installation can be simple and quick, giving your family a critical tool.