Tips For Producing A Short Film

13 June 2017
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Are you proud to finally be done with your script for a short film? If you are ready to bring that script to the screen, there are a few things that must be done. For example, you will need the right kind of production equipment to film the project. It is also important for you to have a designated place planned for filming to take place, and you might need more than one place to carry out different scenes. Read More 

Extra Touches To Help Make Field Day Fun For Your Students

6 April 2017
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If you are a school principal of a school that holds a field day at the end of each school year, you are most likely excited for this time as it allows students to get together with friends and have competitive fun in a safe setting. There are several steps you can take to enhance this special day so it is enjoyed a bit more by your student base. Here are some ideas to consider to help make field day memorable this year. Read More 

Allergy Sufferers In The Office? Make Sure You Clean These Often Forgotten Areas

24 September 2015
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Dust mite allergies are remarkably common, with more than 20 million Americans suffering from them. Chances are, there are at least a few dust allergy sufferers in your office, and if you're not careful about keeping the place clean, they probably find work rather grueling as they sneeze their way through the day. If you want to keep your employees healthy (and decrease the number of sick calls you get), then make sure you're cleaning these often-overlooked dusty areas in the office. Read More 

3 Tips For Staying Safe While Waiting For A Tow

4 August 2015
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It's no fun to get stuck on the side of the road with a disabled car, but at least there are reliable towing companies that can help get you and your car home – or to your mechanic's shop – quickly and safely. However, your tow truck driver will need some time to get to you, and in the meantime, you have to stay safe on the side of the road. Read More 

If A Restaurant In Your Strip Mall Goes Bankrupt, Ask Your Property Manager To Clean The Grease Trap

23 June 2015
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The responsibility to keep a restaurant free of pests generally falls on individual establishments. Sometimes outside factors make it difficult to keep cockroaches and other pests out of a restaurant. For instance, roaches can travel in a strip mall from one restaurant to another. For this reason, if you own a restaurant in a strip mall and another eatery in the building goes bankrupt, you should ask the property manager to have the closed restaurant's grease trap cleaned -- before your restaurant becomes infested with cockroaches, and you need to call a pest control company. Read More