Why A Private, Peer-To-Peer Social Network Might Work Well In Your Business

16 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

The idea of using a social network within your business is not unheard of. After all, social networking platforms can make it easy for employees to communicate and share information and ideas. However, instead of encouraging your employees to make use of a public social network while on the job, you should think about setting up a private, peer-to-peer social network. This could be a great move for your company to make for these simple reasons.

You Can Ensure It's Secure

Security is a big concern anytime that you or your employees are using a social networking site. It might be very important for you to keep your company's information safe and secure. Plus, you might be concerned about your individual employees' information being kept safe and secure too. Peer-to-peer social networks can be a whole lot more secure than public social networks, particularly if you put a focus on having a nice, secure network.

You Can Ensure There's Always Access

For most social networking sites, you have to make sure that you have internet access in order to interact on the platform. This might not seem like a big deal, since you might already have wireless internet in place in your commercial building. However, if the internet goes down, your employees will not be able to interact with one another on the platform at all until the internet is back up and running.

With a peer-to-peer social network, however, it won't actually be necessary for your employees to have access to the internet in order to communicate with one another. Instead, your employees can access and use the platform while simply being hooked up to your company's in-house network. In the event of an emergency or a random internet outage in your area, this can be very handy.

You Can Choose Your Own Set-Up, Features, and Preferences

You might have found that some of the popular public social networks offer a variety of features that your employees can make use of while they're on the job. However, you might have a few features and ideas in mind yourself. If you build your own peer-to-peer social network for your employees to use or if you hire a professional firm to build one of these networks for you, then you can help ensure that the network has the features and set-up that you think will be best for your company. Then, you and your employees can get better use out of the social network than you ever could with a one-size-fits-all public social network.