Signs You Could Benefit from Custom Footwear

1 September 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Most people can head to the shoe store, try on 10 or fewer pairs of shoes, and come home with ones that fit well enough. However, some people can really benefit from buying custom footwear instead of off-the-shelf shoes. What are some signs you should consider having custom shoes made for your feet? Take a look.

1. You can't find the right width.

Almost everyone can find shoes that are the right length since there is such a range of sizes. But the right width is harder to fit. There are people whose feet are narrower than the "A" width shoes that are the narrowest, and there are people whose feet are wider than the "EEE" width shoes that are the widest. If you find yourself feeling like your very wide shoes are still a little tight or like your very narrow shoes are still a little loose and floppy, then it might be time to go custom before wearing ill-fitting shoes leads to injuries and discomfort.

2. You are a serious athlete.

If you are a serious running training for a marathon, a basketball player trying to "go pro," or a pole vaulter who can't seem to get the right angle if their shoes are even the slightest bit "off," then spring for the custom shoes. Wearing shoes that fit just right will help prevent foot injuries that could set your whole career back. It's easier to spend a little more on custom shoes than to spend a lot on physical therapy a year later.

3. You work on your feet all day.

Working on your feet all day is really hard on them, even if you are just standing. Wearing shoes that rub even the slightest bit or that put too much pressure on one part of your foot could lead to bunions, hammertoe, corns, or calluses. Invest in a few good pairs of custom shoes, and you'll be a lot more comfortable at work. You are less likely to have to take time off, face surgery for various foot ailments, or give up your job if you simply buy custom shoes that really fit.

There are many companies that make custom, orthotic shoes. Your podiatrist can refer you to one of them and can also help ensure that the shoes you get support your unique foot structure. If you're an athlete, someone who works on their feet, or just someone with oddly sized feet, then custom footwear could be the way to go.