How Geophysics Might Affect Your Compass, Your Search For Oil, And Your GPS While In Canada

11 February 2019
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Geophysics studies the physics of the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields, as well as several properties of the Earth's rock and stone. So, many oil businesses are interested in geophysics because of what the Earth's crust and rock formations can reveal, and in Canada, the magnetic and gravitational fields work a little bit differently than what they do in the U.S. to the South. The importance of all of the above and how they affect your compass, your GPS, and the search for oil is discussed in the following. 

How the Magnetic Field Affects Your Compass in Canada

In most parts of the world, if you were to point your compass in any direction, the needle inside the compass would almost always be drawn to "true North," since that is how the magnetic fields in most of the world affect compasses. However, if you were to see the map of the magnetic fields surrounding the planet, you would see that the magnetic fields, as they draw closer to the poles and over Canada and similar northerly countries, is in a direct line to have the magnetic field come closer and compress just a little. That means that your compass may not be effectively pointing true North. It may be off by just a little, depending on how close to the North Pole you are located. Explorers up that way have to take this into account, and that is part of the most basic understanding of geophysics.

GPS Is Affected Too

Geo-Positioning Software, or GPS, typically can tell travelers their current position and where they are headed. People consult GPS for directions but often find that this software does not always work so hot in Canada. That is because most of Canada is located out of range of many of the satellites commonly used for GPS equipment. The satellites are out of range because the Earth's gravitational and magnetic fields, so the satellites have to remain at a slightly different altitude and angle. Hence, your GPS systems in Canada may work, or they may not work, or they have lots of glitches depending on how far north in Canada you are. 

When Looking for Oil

Finally, the oil business in Canada is rather big now. Geophysicists are frequently hired to find the outcrops and lumps of specific stone that will reveal where oil might be. It is no guarantee, and the gravitational and magnetic fields might affect the equipment used to confirm oil locations. However, most geophysicists have been training and studying for years. Hiring one of these scientists will tip the scales in your favor for finding oil with less difficulty.

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