Extra Touches To Help Make Field Day Fun For Your Students

6 April 2017
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If you are a school principal of a school that holds a field day at the end of each school year, you are most likely excited for this time as it allows students to get together with friends and have competitive fun in a safe setting. There are several steps you can take to enhance this special day so it is enjoyed a bit more by your student base. Here are some ideas to consider to help make field day memorable this year.

Provide Water Bottles For Each Student To Enjoy

It is important to have water bottles on hand to give to students as they partake in their field day events. Use water bottles as a form of communication between staff and students. Placing custom labels on each water bottle is a great way to boost the spirit of those attending the field day event. Consider placing your school's slogan or song lyrics directly on these labels so students can read them between each scheduled event.

Alternatively, have questions printed on the water bottles for students to answer. Place a station somewhere on the school grounds with paperwork to be filled out showing students' answers. Whoever gets the most right at the end of the field day event can win a special prize. Each student will be excited to receive a water bottle for both hydration and entertainment purposes. You can buy personalized water bottles from a company like Great Canadian Water Company.

Personalize Each Classroom With Custom T-Shirts

Ask each classroom teacher to have their students come up with a design for a t-shirt to be worn on the day of the event. A picture of a logo or slogan can be handed into you from each classroom, and you can have shirts printed from a custom supplier. These can be handed out the day before field day so each student can wear them to show their team spirit with the rest of their classmates. Make sure each classroom gets a different colored shirt from other classrooms. This will help teachers find their students as they are dispersed throughout the school grounds when necessary.

Make Sure Water Play Is Involved For Those Attending

If the field day is hosted on a hotter day of the year, having water activities available for students to enjoy will be the highlight of the entire event. Place buckets of waters with sponges inside of them for students to do relay races while holding these wet items to keep cool and add some laughter to the day. Sprinklers can be set up on the fields for students to run through if they get too hot. A dunking booth can also be set up to help keep teachers cool. Students will try their skill at knocking their superiors into the tank as a form of entertainment.