Attaining Maximum Productivity In Your Office Workstation: Things To Consider

20 June 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

A proper office workstation layout is important to attain maximum productivity. When moving into a new office or remodeling an existing one, you should consider privacy, lighting, and space to provide a comfortable working environment that will achieve optimum productivity. Below are the reasons why these factors are crucial to productivity and ways you can design your office to incorporate them.


Privacy is key in an office setup because it ensures maximum concentration and protection of confidential information. Privacy can either be visual, acoustic, informational, or territorial. Visual privacy is protection from sight-induced distractions like employees' movements in front of your desk. You can protect yourself from such distractions by facing your desk in areas that attract low traffic. Acoustic privacy refers to the ability to work without noise distractions or making noise to others. You can achieve this by installing soundproof furnishings in your work area. Territorial privacy refers to the privacy in individually owned spaces in the office. You can attain this by setting up barriers such as walls or high separation boards to separate working desks. Lastly, informational privacy protects data from access by third parties. You can design rooms for confidential information or create corridors of private booths in open office plan settings.


Lighting is an essential part of your office designs. It determines energy efficiency, and productivity and impacts your eye health. You can set up your office in several ways to ensure proper lighting. First, you can set up your desk near windows to ensure enough natural light reaches the office. Second, you can install a lighting control system that uses sensors to regulate the levels of artificial light depending on the availability of natural light and the usage of different office sections. Lastly, you can set up different adjustable lighting options depending on the type of work. For example, you can use an overhead fluorescent bulb to provide light in the entire office or switch to an adjustable floor lamp when working in private.

Space and Navigation

Enough space around your workstation ensures easy navigation, access to documents, minimal congestion, and fresh air and prevents information mix-up. That, in turn, results in high productivity. The choice of office layout design should ensure you have enough space in your office. You can achieve this by installing cabinets and drawers to store files and create more space on your desk. You can also balance comfort with productivity by investing in furniture that doesn't take up much space but is still convenient for long working hours, e.g., adjustable standing desks.


Are you having problems designing the layout of your office workstation? Consult a professional interior design company to help set up the office to ensure privacy, space, and excellent lighting.