Mold Testing: How This Process Typically Works

19 June 2019
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Residential mold testing services are a very laboratory-oriented set of services. The actual testing itself does not typically occur in your home. The entire process works out similar to the following process. 

The Mold Testing Technician Visits Your Home and Takes Samples

When you schedule an appointment with the testing business, they will send a technician to your home to take samples. The technician will be dressed in protective clothing that can either be cleaned or disposed of after the samples are taken. Next, the technician will have several test tubes with cotton swabs and/or Petri dishes to grow the samples. Using the swabs, the technician lightly wets the swab, swirls it around in each mold sample, and places the swab back into the test tube before bagging it. If the Petri dish method is used, then the technician will hold the dish under the mold on the wall or surface where the mold is growing and scrape some of that mold into the dish. The dish is then sealed and bagged with a label. 

The Samples Are Sent to a Lab

Some mold testing companies have their own onsite labs. They can test the mold samples as soon as they return to the office. Other mold testing companies have to ship the samples to a lab for testing. They usually get the results of your samples within one to two weeks, although it might be a little bit longer depending on the company. 

Your Mold Report Is Delivered

Usually the mold report will go to the mold testing company's office, although you may be able to request your own copy. It will list all of the areas in your home where mold samples were taken, what kind or type of mold species it is, and how toxic to humans it is. If you have any fast-growing molds or dangerously toxic molds growing in your home, you will want, and should want, to remediate that immediately. If the mold testing company provides mold remediation services as well, then you can schedule this next step with them. If not, they should be able to point you in the direction of a good mold remediation contractor in your area. 

Choosing to Remove the Mold

If you choose to remove the mold, you may have to temporarily relocate yourself, your family, and even the family pet(s) to a hotel or safe abode while the cleanup is conducted. This avoids any contamination of non-mold areas and tracking of mold spores from one area of the house to another on family members' clothing and shoes (or paws). Cleanup of the mold is usually complete within a day, but it can take longer if there is a lot of mold present in places you did not expect. 

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