What Is Seaberry Seed Oil, And What Does It Do

29 October 2018
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Seaberry seed oil is a product that's used to deal with a variety of beauty concerns and ailments. It's especially popular with folks who are worried about skin conditions, and you may want to look into it if you're interested in finding a fully organic option.

What is Seaberry Seed Oil?

The sea buckthorn is a plant that has been used to address a wide range of medical issues. Virtually all parts of the plant, including the seeds, its flowers, the berries, and its leaves are used to treat some type of disorder. It's considered a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, and that makes many of its derivatives, including the oil of its seeds, appealing choices for medications, supplements, and beauty products.

Seaberry Seed Oil and Beauty

The goal for those who utilize seaberry seed oil as part of a beauty regimen is to promote the hydration and generation of the skin. The hope is to produce greater elasticity, and it may also be used to treat acne. Individuals who experience certain skin conditions, including eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis may find benefits.

Seaberry seed oil does have some potential to lead to clogged pores. You can, however, mix it with other oils, especially ones high in linoleic acid, to ensure it doesn't cause clogging.

Use in First Aid

In light of the strong anti-inflammatory qualities of seaberry seed oil, it's often recommended to those want an organic approach to healing wounds, rashes, and other injuries to the skin. You may also wish to employ it in treating a sunburn.

Side Effects and Reactions

Immediate adverse reactions to seaberry seed oil have never been documented, and it is considered to be safe enough to be consumed as a food product. The fruit of the sea buckthorn is used in jellies and drinks, among other foods.

It is possible that seaberry seed oil may slow down the rate of blood clotting, and this should be a source of concern to individuals who bruise easily or those who have hemophilia. People who already have low blood pressure should consult with a doctor beforehand using the oil.

Application and Dosing

Seaberry seed oil is regulated as a supplement, and there are no scientifically established guidelines for how to use it. Folks interested in its potential benefits should try it out in small amounts to see how well it works for them.